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Harley's Story

In 1999, Harley Lippman asked 12 of his former colleagues to help him build a professional technology services firm that companies across the U.S. would rely on to deliver experienced, professional business and IT talent. Ten colleagues said yes, and the company was named Genesis10 in their honor.

Today, Genesis10 is a talent, workforce solutions, and technology consulting firm. Recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts as one of the Largest IT Staffing Firms in the U.S., the company is dedicated to helping companies implement business and technology initiatives cost-effectively. Genesis10's unique hybrid service model adapts and scales to deliver proven business and technology professionals how, when and where needed.

Clients include some of the world’s most recognized public and private companies in industries including financial services, energy, healthcare, insurance, communications, consumer products, manufacturing and technology.

Based in New York, Genesis10 has grown organically and has more than 2,000 employees and consultants and more than 20 sales and recruiting offices throughout North America, including three U.S.-based delivery centers.

Prior to starting Genesis10, Harley was the founder and sole owner of Triad Data Inc., an information technology consulting firm. Harley sold Triad Data in 1998 just before founding Genesis10.

Harley Lippman

Harley serves on the boards of many business, educational and cultural organizations. Among them, he is:

  • A member of United States Agency for International Development’s Partnership for Peace Advisory Board
    (he was appointed by the Biden administration to sit on this advisory board addressing ways to improve relations between the Israeli and Palestinian people.  The goal is to bring them together and build trust without the involvement of the Israeli government or Palestinian Authority)
  • A member of the US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad by Presidential appointment and Senate confirmation (appointed by Bush and reappointed by Obama, Trump, and Biden)
  • A Board Member of Yale University Business School of Management
  • An Advisory Board Member of Columbia University’s Graduate School of International and Public Affairs 
  • A Political Leadership Council and Executive Committee Member, American Israel Public Affairs Committee
  • An Executive Committee Member, Middle East Forum
  • Member, Brookings Council, Brookings Institution
  • A trustee, The Washington Institute

Neurodiversity A Multiplier

DOBE certification logo

In 2023, Genesis10 became certified as a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE), which is granted to businesses that are at least 51% owned, operated, controlled, and managed by a person with a disability.

Our CEO Harley Lippman is neurodivergent.

In a 2013 interview with Forbes, Harley shared, “For me, it strengthens other traits that I have, like intuition, and being able to read people. It also forces me to ask people to give me the bottom line first.”

Harley has always asked people to begin with the bottom line—start with the outcome, ensure mutual understanding, and then discuss supporting particulars. This approach, which encourages transparency, curiosity, deep listening, and a focus on what matters, laid the cornerstones of the company’s culture.

Be present. Listen deeply. Execute. It’s how we do business. It’s how we separate ourselves from our peers. Unchanged since our founding in 1999.

While some may describe neurodiversity as a deficit, we believe it’s a multiplier.

Partner with Us

Giving Back

A dedicated philanthropist, Harley and his family have been caring for children in Cambodia for more than 20 years. Near Phnom Penh, they built the Children First Center, which opened in 2018. At the center, the family helps the children with their education through college and, to date, have paid college tuition for 11 children. The family also supports an English-language center in Siem Reap, paying the salaries of two teachers. Harley and his family will be involved in the lives of the children of Cambodia for years to come.

Harley also has funded efforts since 2009 to explore an overlooked aspect of the Holocaust. He works to find mass graves where Jews were murdered and buried. He has memorials to honor and preserve their memory throughout the year. He made a documentary on this, Safeguarding Memory, which appeared on PBS and won two awards. He also funds scholarships and financial aid programs for American military veterans – particularly soldiers who were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Learn More About the Lippman Family in Cambodia