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Uplift Logo - Blank.jpgGenesis10 – in connection with State Information Technology teams – is helping aspiring technology talent in communities across the U.S. train for IT careers at the State.


Normally a technology career requires a college degree in Computer Science or Management Information Systems. With UPlift, you learn on-the-job without additional financial investment in education.


Let Us Invest In You!  Apply Today.


Do any of the following apply to you or your friends?

  • Enjoy modifying or repairing electronics? 
  • Ever created your own website or app?
  • Are you the person your friends or family go to when their phones or computers are not working right?
  • Can you read or speak a foreign language?
  • Have you ever played an instrument?
  • Like math?


How UPlift Works

  1. Participate in customized online and classroom training

  2. Receive on-going coaching and mentoring

  3. Develop IT skills through on-the-job training with the State 

UPlift - Making a DifferenceMake a Difference

The IT programs and services stretch across the executive branch of state government – from social services to education, to law enforcement and more. Start a career in the heart of how the government works for the State.


UPlift Program at a Glance:

Get Hired.
Successful Candidates become UPlift Consultants for Genesis10. UPlift Consultants whose performance meets expectations might be considered for fulltime employment opportunities for the State Technology Department.