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Military Veterans and Spouses

Military veterans returning to civilian life possess knowledge, skills, capabilities, and personality traits that are highly sought after by corporate hiring managers.

It can be challenging to overcome common language, cultural, and perceptual barriers that often prevent veterans from being viewed as a fit for relevant corporate roles. Genesis10 trains and mentors thousands of former military personnel each year on how to describe and position their technology and leadership capabilities for the right opportunities.  We want to support you so that you can start your corporate career with confidence. We also assist veterans’ spouses who may be struggling to overcome gaps in work history due to time spent supporting families with members on active duty.

Committed Advocacy

We consistently challenge our Fortune 500 clients to expand their thinking around veterans’ capabilities and potential for success in corporate roles. We strongly encourage hiring managers to interview military veteran candidates for roles even when fit does not seem immediately apparent. Roles we often recommend veteran candidates for include, but are not limited to:

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For veteran spouses, we also encourage employers to treat work-history gaps as a form of military service. At least two of our major clients in the Midwest region have earmarked more than 20 career opportunities for military spouses.

Long-Term Support

We are 100% committed at Genesis10 to assisting all candidates before, during, and after placement in either consulting or full-time corporate roles. Our recruiters get to know the real you so that they can work with you to find the perfect position to launch your corporate career.  Genesis10 recruiters are willing to invest what it takes to make it happen.

Launch your corporate career here by joining Genesis10’s talent.  Let's talk about your civilian career. 

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