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For almost every business, cybersecurity and the constantly evolving threats from organized crime and foreign governments are a pervasive concern. Cyber threats are increasing and evolving – not only in volume but in the level of sophistication. Cybersecurity Ventures projects that cybercrime will cost companies approximately $6 trillion annually worldwide by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. Insurance giant Lloyd’s of London estimates that these attacks cost businesses $400 billion a year (including both direct damage and disruption to normal operations).

Approximately 70% of successful cyberattacks exploit known vulnerabilities.

With the number of breaches across Corporate America, companies are focused on security. Often, companies think: Compliance = Protection. Yet are companies truly aware of their vulnerabilities? Approximately 70% of successful cyberattacks exploit known vulnerabilities. Genesis10 has two key approaches to providing cybersecurity services:



1. Advisory Services
Advisory Services

Genesis10’s partner, HolistiCyber will provide cybersecurity advisory services, starting with completing a vulnerability assessment. Based on the assessment, HolistiCyber will develop a roadmap and go-forward strategy to shore up identified security gaps to include developing a comprehensive sustainability plan. Cyber planning is not a one-time event. 

HolistiCyber is a US/Israeli Cybersecurity consultancy firm which provides nation-state level expertise in cybersecurity to both the public and private sector. HolistiCyber is already acting as a Trusted Cyber Advisor for Tier-1 US clients primarily in the following industries: financial services, hospitality and entertainment.  HolistiCyber consultants were trained in the Israeli Defense Force where they gained years of real-life, hands-on experience in Nation State level cyber security, serving on the front-line of both cybersecurity offensive and defensive operations. 
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2. Patch Management As-A-Service
Vulnerability Management As-A-Service

Genesis10 can provide a turnkey vulnerability management service to address known hardware or software flaws or MRAs (Matters Requiring Action). 
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Advisory Services

HolistiCyber - Advisory Services



To support our clients’ requirements, Genesis10 has partnered with HolistiCyber, the global provider of end-to-end, state-of-the art cybersecurity services. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, HolistiCyber serves more than 50 clients globally and more than 30 clients in the U.S. 

Holisticyber services

A trusted advisor to leading organizations in both the private and public sectors, HolistiCyber provides these services:

  • Cyber Security Assessment
  • Cyber Defense Master Plan
  • Cyber Defense Implementation
  • Ongoing Maturity Level



“Cybersecurity has, for many financial company chiefs, become their biggest fear, eclipsing issues like regulation and the economy.”

--"Banks Adopt Military-Style Tactics to Fight Cybercrime,” New York Times


What sets HolistiCyber apart? Key members of the HolistiCyber team are former Israel Military. They bring their military training and mindset when completing the assessment and providing advisory services.


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Vulnerability Management As-A-Service


Genesis10’s Cybersecurity services provide our clients with expertise and dedicated teams to mitigate risk of cyber attacks resulting in:


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Secure solutions. Onsite resources work in your facility, and remote resources work in a highly secure, controlled, and independently audited SSAE-18 certified U.S.-based delivery center.

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Risk Reduction. Companies are able to manage and mitigate threats with an effective vulnerability management solution.  This dramatically reduces the probability of a successful cyber attack, and the associated reputational, monetary and system impacts.

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Proactive Management. Clients are able to proactively manage resources, and adjust both patching priorities and schedules dynamically.

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Increased Effectiveness. Your staff is enabled to concentrate on high-priority tasks and projects knowing that systems are compliant with your vulnerability management policies.

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Cost Savings. More cost effective than fixed-bid outsourcing.


Why Patch?

  • Fix a software bug
  • Install new drivers
  • Address new security vulnerabilities
  • Address software stability issues
  • Upgrade the software
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