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Veterans Well-Prepared to Fill Cybersecurity Roles in Corporate America

With the recent headlines regarding the increased threats on cyber security, it makes sense that we are seeing an increased demand for cyber security professionals. Many don’t know this, but the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has one of the highest rates of cyber attacks in the world with 10 million attempts on the Pentagon per day. With that many attempts and with national security at risk, the DOD has invested a tremendous amount of money -- somewhere upwards of $5 billion to protect its digital infrastructure and footprint.

There are two outcomes that occur with that kind of spending: 1. The DOD is training a new cadre of cyber security technicians that are going to come in with the latest training in that field. 2. The DOD invests a tremendous amount of time and money in all members of the military to ensure cyber security breaches don’t occur.

For example, all service members that log into a military computer are required to complete the Online Information Assurance course. What began as a simple click-through course years ago had developed into a multi-million dollar training module that covers the entire array of end user information security and takes hours to complete.

Thus, the veteran pool of worker talent will yield a group of people that not only understand the basics about not sharing personal information on social media sites, but also a group that represents the first line of defense in cyber security. Having an employee that comes with this foundational background is critical to help improve the cyber security backbone of every organization.

As more IT and cyber security roles are created in your organization, think of interviewing a veteran.

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