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Genesis10’s Dev10 Program Will Train You  

Dev10 hires candidates with passion and aptitude to be software developers, one of today’s hottest careers. With demand for developers projected to grow faster than for all other occupations, companies across the U.S. are struggling to find the tech talent they need. We seek enthusiastic science and technology-minded college graduates dedicated to launching their careers as software developers. Are you ready to start your new career as a Dev10 consultant?

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Genesis10 will pay you to complete 2-4 months of immersive technology training. After training you will gain two years of hands-on experience as a Dev10 consultant. Graduates of our coding bootcamp become salaried Dev10 Consultants for Genesis10 and will work on rewarding projects for top Fortune 500 companies.


Apply Today


We are seeking talented and passionate people to join our new Dev10 team!  

Dev10 Program Requirements:

Bachelor Degree Required

Bachelor’s degree in technology or Science Technology Engineering or Math (STEM) related field but NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!


Dedicated and willing to put in the extra effort needed to tackle the projects during training and beyond.

Passion for technology!

Passion for technology and a desire to build skills in software development.

Unlimited work authorization

Unlimited Work Authorization.

 Dev10 top job titles - Slim CTA2-01 

How to apply

First, we’d like to get to know you. Simply apply today and attach your resume. Then, our process takes you through these steps: The…

For details click on each step >

Phone Interview

Phone Interview

Connect with one of our recruiters by phone. We will explain the Dev10 program in detail. You tell us what drives you—your career goals. Together, we will decide if Dev10 is right for you!

Logic & Reasoning Aptitude Test

Logic and Reasoning Aptitude Test

Do you think like a Developer?  Let’s find out! You’ll complete a 60-minute logic and reasoning test online.


Behavioral Style Interview

Our leadership and recruiting team takes you through behavioral interview questions. You can ask questions too!

Web Development Course

Web Development Course

This program is a commitment and a career change. We want to make sure that coding is something you will  love! This course requires NO PREVIOUS PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE!  It will involve video tutorials, self-study, learning to program in JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and can take up to 60 hours to complete. It might sound like a lot, but it gives you a glimpse into your future career.

In-person Interview

In-Person Group Interview

This is not a technical skills assessment. We are looking at your ability to interact in a group setting and work together to solve a problem.

Become a Dev10 Consultant

Become a Dev10 Consultant

Welcome to your new career in software development! Training will start soon after you receive your offer. This is a salaried position at Genesis10 with full-benefits and industry-proven training. 

Why Dev10?

Genesis10 invests in your career!

You have a college degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics and have a passion to become a software developer.

The Dev10 Training Program will:

  • Train you in programming languages top companies need
  • Work on exciting projects at Fortune 500 companies
  • Provide mentoring and career development

Top Job Titles:

  • Software Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • Software Development Leader
  • .Net Developer
  • Cloud Engineer Architect
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Dev10 Program at a Glance: