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About Us

We are a professional technology services firm that provides talent and solves workforce challenges. We fit where you need us, whether it is a specific capability to fill a gap on your team, an entire team to support a project or a team to provide support services to your organization. We are flexible and can support you onsite or onshore.

Solving Today’s Workforce Challenges

  • Find resources with the competencies that I need
  • Struggle to find enough resources to deliver on the projects in our portfolio
  • Need to hire more FTEs to rebalance the FTE-to-contractor ratio
  • Have an aging workforce
  • Face a financial challenge to reduce cost of labor

To read more on how Genesis10 has worked with clients to address today’s workforce challenges, click here.

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Our Consultants

Genesis10 helps technology professionals gain access to local and national career opportunities with marquis clients. Our recruiters and delivery professionals are highly accomplished career advocates who strive to know you beyond your resume to align you with opportunities that fit your skills, experience and aspirations.

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Client Services

Solving today’s workforce challenges: Skills Shortage, Capability Gap, Capacity Constraint.

Genesis10's services are designed to shore up immediate resourcing requirements while addressing long-term needs through training and strategic workforce planning.

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What Makes Us Unique?

People | Experience | Focus | Scale | Value


Recruiting and delivery are core competencies at Genesis10:

1.  Our services solve our clients' workforce challenges.

2. Our consultants achieve their professional goals and deliver the greatest value.

3. Our team delivers the outcomes our clients are committed to achieving.

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