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If you are a person with a disability needing assistance with the application or at any point in the hiring process please contact us at contactus@genesis10.com and/or 212-688-5522

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Specialized Technical Recruiting

Genesis10's specialized recruiting service is focused on hiring for high-demand, specific technical competencies such as software developers, programmers, platform engineers and elite technology professionals. We source highly sought-after talent using creative techniques such as gamification and coding challenges to assess the candidate's level of proficiency and overall mastery of coding skills.

Recruiting for these roles is an art and science as CIOs want both technical acumen and exceptional creativity. Genesis10 has developed a rigorous recruiting and evaluation process to source for talent across North America and relocate them to our client’s specified work location. 

Your Technology. Your Company. Your Team.

Our Specialized Technical Recruiting team operates as a seamless extension of your HR Team to execute against the IT workforce plan and strategy. We invest the time to learn about your company’s unique business challenges, technology roadmap, and culture. We act on your behalf to identify and sell candidates on your company as an employer of choice by scouring the U.S. and Canada for elite technologists willing to relocate to join your company. We guarantee the fit and function of each hire we facilitate.

Work with Genesis10 to:

  • Save time and accelerate your hiring process
  • Leverage our national reach and deep, granular knowledge of regional talent markets
  • Improve cost-per-hire with an efficient hiring process on a flat fee-per-hire basis
  • Mitigate common hiring risks
  • Scale up as your workforce strategy evolves over time

What Sets Us Apart

Recruiting is a core competency.

The genesis of Genesis10 is staffing. Recruiting is at the heart of all of our services.  We capitalize on our experience and extend it by leveraging our national reach, a multi-pronged approach to connect with elite talent across the U.S.

Proprietary technical evaluation.

Genesis10 has designed a multi-faceted technical evaluation process that combines creativity, coding assessments, algorithms, science, and problem solving to identify the nation’s top technologists.

Within the language we take a deeper dive to test for:

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Memory Management
  • Design Patterns/ Object
  • Oriented Programming
  • Multi-Threading
  • Architecture & Design
  • Unix/Windows
  • Exceptions
  • Code Implementations
  • Production Scenarios
  • Specialized Technical Recruiting
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  • Partner to address immediate resource needs
  • Slide4
  • ...exceeding client expectations and improving their interview-to-hire ratio
  • Slide6
  • Presented candidates that were tested and vetted within two weeks...
  • ...and met hiring target within 6 to 8 months to scale their desktop & mobile application development team.
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Spotlight on Specialized Technical Recruiting

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Focus Areas:

  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C#/.Net

Case Study

Direct Hire Case Study

Co Sourcing

Global financial services leader engages Genesis10 to strategically rebalance their flex-staff ratio to adjust their business-critical IT applications workforce.  Genesis10 hired over 170 IT professionals and saved nearly $3M in labor cost. 

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  • Consultant Testimonal

    Consultant Testimonial

    "When I was seeking new employment, quite a number of recruiters contacted me. The Genesis10 team truly stood out from the crowd. From start to finish, they were on top of things: keeping the process moving along and ensuring that I was prepared for each the next step. They were great about conveying that which would help me in my preparation for the interview process, and in their work to ensure that everything from phone screens to travel were properly coordinated. Genesis10 was great to work with, and I highly recommend them."

    – Erik,
    Big Data Analytics Middleware Developer
    Seattle, WA

  • Consultant Testimonial

    Consultant Testimonial

    "The Genesis10 team has great recruiters. I have never met a head hunter before who mandates technical phone screen (not from the hiring company, but from the head hunter) before recommending me to the hiring company. They also assigned an experienced engineer to help me to prepare for the interview. Needless to say, that I eventually got the offer. And I referred my friends to Genesis10 too."

    – Ian,
    Software Engineer
    New York, NY

  • Consultant Testimonial

    Consultant Testimonial

    "The Genesis10 team has very attentive and proactive recruiters. They work to find you the right fit for your qualifications, and help you identify the weaknesses in your resume and suggest ways to improve it. Genesis10 helped me land a great job, and they were with me throughout the entire process, making my transition easy and pleasant."

    – Cesar,
    Senior Software Engineer
    Dallas, TX

  • Consultant, testimonial

    Consultant Testimonial

    "I’m extremely thankful to the Genesis10 Team for supporting my job search. It gave me an opportunity to explore a new area, and  gave me good exposure to different fields. I really appreciate the support I have received, and I acknowledge the effort they put into helping me."

    – Arvind,
    Senior Software Engineer
    San Diego, CA

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