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Instructional Design Solutions

As the labor market tightens, business and technology leaders at companies across the country face an IT skills shortage that continues to grow. Business and technology are becoming more tightly integrated, yet the talent pool is not growing in pace with the market needs. Partner with Genesis10 to build workforce capability or reskill through a tailored Instructional Design program to grow your IT workforce.

Leaders are confronted with an ever increasing rate of change and complexity. Responding to change by modifying processes or technology often creates a need for communicating and educating teams about emerging technologies, enhancements or skills development. The team that adapts quickly and effectively wins the competitive advantage.

Providing Exceptional Value

Since 2012, Genesis10 Instructional Design teams have been providing our clients with exceptional value by:

  • Adopting and following a solid Instructional Design methodology
  • Valuing creativity as an integral part of the Instructional Design process
  • Placing as much design emphasis on the production side of Instructional content as on the creative side
  • Implementing programs that address multiple business challenges

Cost Effective Training Services

Genesis10 can be engaged in a consultative capacity.

Our services span development of a specific training module through a comprehensive training curriculum that includes multiple modules, learning objectives and assessments. 

Genesis10 will develop a training curriculum to meet budget price points and organizational technology requirements for optimal user experience. Options include: 

  • Low amounts of interactivity and static text and images. This level is a quick and inexpensive way to cover simple rules or procedures.
  • Richer multimedia, which contains audio and video, as well as basic animations and transitions. It also contains basic interactions like “click” and “reveal.” This type of learning offers a rich experience for the learner, while managing cost.
  • Advanced, more sophisticated learning experiences including extensive audio, video, transitions, animations, simulations and more.

Services are provided in a virtual, outsource capacity with continuous collaboration and travel as needed for face-to-face client engagement.

The engagement will kick-off with a facilitated requirements definition session to identify the training objective as well as delivery method. Context on how the training will be delivered, as well as if it is part of a comprehensive learning curriculum or as a stand-alone capability aids in the development process. All training will be designed in a modular fashion to create flexibility for future content enhancements as well as to support additional training modules.

Our Process

Genesis10 uses a proven and effective Instructional Design model, ADDIE.

The five phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools. Our model incorporates:

  • Rapid design elements
  • Iterative process for SME involvement and engagement
  • Instructional Design Solutions
  • Voice of the Customer - Survey
  • Our clients have communication and education needs
  • Instructional designers…analyze needs and develop learning experiences,
  • Use technology and multimedia to enhance instruction
  • Genesis10 creates exceptional value through…
  • Following solid instructional design methodology,
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  • Placing design emphasis on production and creative,
  • Implementing programs that address challenges
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About Instructional Design Solutions

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Focus Areas

  • E-learning
  • Instructor-led training 
  • Interactive learning aids 
  • Portal design

Case Study

Instructional Design:  E-Learning Courses

A University on a Mobile Device

For a multinational food and beverage company, Genesis10 leveraged its Instructional Design team to deliver three e-learning courses for one of the client’s internal universities. At no incremental cost, Genesis10 configured all modules to be accessible via mobile and tablet devices. The client awarded Genesis10 a multi-year contract and expanded scope to include three additional internal universities.

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