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G10 Associates Program

Smart | Digitally Savvy | Ready To Be Challenged

Genesis10's G10 Associates Program recruits, trains and mentors new and recent college graduates for contract-to-hire positions across the U.S. This flexible turnkey solution enables companies to effectively on-board and retain high-potential junior talent.

Partner with the G10 Associates Program to Address Strategic Workforce Issues:

  • Retain institutional knowledge and support reverse knowledge transfer
  • Preserve continuity in legacy IT systems support
  • Add specialized and niche technologies
  • Develop succession plans and manage attrition
  • Optimize labor expenditure
  • Rebalance workforce age distribution and workload

Key Differentiators

Maturity and Track Record

G10 Associates has been recruiting and training high-potential recent college graduates since 2008. More than three quarters of program graduates receive full-time employment offers for project coordination, data science, systems analysis, software development and other essential technology roles. We have placed more than 400 graduates with Fortune 500 and mid-market companies across a broad variety of industry verticals.

Accelerated Learning

Genesis10 has a deep understanding of critical skills gaps between classroom and corporate environments. Our proprietary training, combined with mentoring by industry veterans, accelerates closure of skills gaps and dramatically reduces time-to-contribution for junior talent.

Selection and Mentoring Long-Term Success

Within the G10 Associates Program we approach the recruitment and selection of candidates through the lens of long-term success within our client’s culture and teams. For each client we build unique candidate profiles and performance goals. Candidates presented are excited to join our clients, not just for the short term, but as a long-term career choice. Once onsite, our Mentors support and guide the G10 Associates to ensure performance goals are met and Associate engagement is high.

Talent Network

Genesis10 invests in cultivating a broad talent network that includes traditional sources at local and national levels. Our dedicated recruiting team is networking and interviewing top talent across the U.S. year round, not just at graduation time. In addition to our involvement with student groups, career fairs and college career offices, we constantly refresh and update our database of junior talent candidates using technology enablement, inbound marketing tools, social media and technology-specific networking forums.

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G10 Associates Program at a Glance:

  • G10 Associates Program
  • Program Assessment
  • Effective & Efficient Recruiting
  • Training
  • Performannce Management
  • Right-to-Hire
  • Contact Us Today!
  • Whitepaper: Hiring Millennials, The Generation that Changes Everything

Key Program Stats

Placed 400+ college graduates

  • Established relationships with 300+ colleges and universities
  • Partnered with 50+ clients
  • Turnkey solution delivered in as little as 4 weeks with trained Associates ready for Day 1

Clients Use the Program to Address:

  • A dramatic increase in workload
  • Challenges filling roles with new business process or niche skills
  • The need to build out and retain new capabilities in the business in a cost effective way
  • Difficulty filling entry level positions – open for more than 90 days
  • Desire to infuse new energy and ideas
  • High turnover in specific entry level roles

About G10 Associates

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Case Study

G10 Associates Case Study

Building Next Generation Talent
Healthcare data analytics company challenges Genesis10 to recruit and groom recent college grads for Agile software development, data, and business analytics roles. Challenge met, exceeding client expectations.

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  • Consultant Testimonal

    Consultant Testimonial

    “Wow, time sure flew by. I have truly enjoyed working for and being part of the Genesis 10 team these past two years. I had never done contract work before and was a little apprehensive, so I'm glad my first experience was with Genesis10. I like the work I'm doing and hope to continue for as long as possible.”

    – Eric, Consultant

  • Consultant Testimonal2.png

    Consultant Testimonial

    "I worked with Genesis10, as a consultant, for a period of one year and three months. During the time noted I found the staff to be professional, efficient and caring. I would recommend Genesis10 to anyone requiring the Company’s services."

    – Randall, Consultant

  • Consulant Testimonial

    Consultant Testimonial

    "Now that I am contracting for Genesis10, I have found them to be a great employer. Paperwork is handled smoothly, communication is efficient, and the checks are deposited to my account on time. I would highly recommend Genesis10 as a vendor for clients and as an employer to prospective contractors."

    – George, Consultant

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