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Historic Numbers Quit Jobs, Genesis10 CEO on Cheddar News

Why did a record 4.5 million American workers quit their jobs in November? Is it burnout? Is it because of the opportunities that are available? Is it a combination of both? Or something else all together?

“It’s because they can,” Harley Lippman, Founder & CEO of Genesis10, tells the news program Cheddar Opening Bell recently. “There are a lot of opportunities now, more than we’ve seen in the past two decades…and a lot of people did a lot of reflecting during the pandemic. Regardless of their motivation for quitting, now there is a huge shortage of workers. It’s taken employers by surprise.”

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In the news segment, Lippman offers insight to both employers and job candidates:

To employers that find candidates they like:

“Good candidates are getting so many offers. If a hiring manager doesn’t make a quick decision, they won’t get the person. So, it’s through pain over time that employers realize that they really need to keep their staff. That requires them to be flexible, to listen to their employees, provide a better work-life balance.”

To job candidates looking for a secure future:

“During the Great Recession as companies looked to cut costs, training was decimated across the country. It’s very hard to find junior talent today. I would advise recent college graduates and mid-career changers to look into training. Genesis10 has a Talent Creation program, Dev10. It’s very hard to get into these programs, but then I think you have a very strong and good future. I would very much endorse training in technology for a more secure future.”

Lippman also addressed remote work in the segment.

Lippman was recently named a Best CEO as reported by Business Insider and Genesis10 received an award for Best Company for Work-Life Balance for three consecutive years. Genesis10 also was recently recognized as one of the largest IT Staffing Firms in the U.S. by Staffing Industry Analysts.