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What is a Delivery Center?

Last month, the New York Times published an article that looks at a “flourishing niche” in technology: Domestic outsourcing. The piece, Hot Spot for Tech Outsourcing: The United States, points out that with tech salaries rising in other regions of the world and the nature of work changing in the U.S, more companies are considering bringing jobs home. In many cases, these jobs are going to highly skilled consultants working at U.S.-based delivery centers like the one Genesis10 recently opened in Charlotte.

Now, we'd like to take the opportunity to share with you the story of our delivery center network.

As you know, the past three U.S. economic recoveries were classified as jobless. With that, U.S. corporations developed a taste for contingent workforces and/or moving work overseas in pursuit of relocated manufacturing and supply chain operations. As a consequence, many U.S. IT professionals found themselves facing an unpleasant choice: change locations or change careers.

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That is, until 2009 when Genesis10 started creating U.S. domestic delivery centers. To date, Genesis10 has raised delivery centers in formerly depressed technology talent hubs such as Kansas City, MO; Detroit, MI and Cleveland, OH and has also expanded its strategy to create access to talent in solid markets such as Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX, and Charlotte, NC

“The Perfect Storm” is how Genesis10 Senior Recruiter John Triggs describes creation of the company’s first delivery center in Kansas City. “We had a client that needed to ramp up very quickly with a large number of contingent staff. The job-fit requirements were complex and global. Due to a steep downturn in telecommunications and other industries, we knew there was an exceptionally large pool of professional talent that had been stranded in Kansas City. Many people had been unemployed anywhere from six months to two years. Others were being forced back into the workforce from retirement because their declining savings and wealth could not sustain them. Still others could not relocate due to aging parents, children in school, underwater mortgages or inabilities to sell their homes. As soon as we started recruiting in Kansas City, the response was overwhelming.”

One of the people to respond was Rose S., who had been out of work for two years and stood perilously close to becoming homeless. “I was supporting a daughter in college and had another child living at home with me. Genesis10 kept in contact with me every week for three months while seeking a placement for me in its Kansas City delivery center. They saved my life and I will be forever grateful.”

In Detroit, Al R. had been searching for work for 17 months when Genesis10 approached him about a technical project management position. “It was a very difficult time for me,” Al says. “I joined Genesis10 because of the recruiter’s professionalism. He made me feel my experience was exceptional, that I was exactly the person they were looking to bring in to the delivery center. And my initial impression of Genesis10 has remained true to this day; they really do care. They make sure you receive the tools and training you need to be successful. The team has always been very supportive.”

Because the delivery center model was so new within the U.S.,” Triggs says many have joined with apprehension. “Eventually, however, they come to understand the delivery center model can offer higher, more regular income, steadier streams of work and longer-term engagements than some of the alternatives they have been exploring.“

For delivery center clients, Glenn Klein, President of Genesis10 says, “We create access to high-caliber talent without compromising quality; we absorb real estate, infrastructure and oversight costs to create cost-effective talent solutions. For the consultants who work in our delivery centers, the model connects them to challenging work that is often global in scope. It prepares them to advance their careers in this incredibly demanding and competitive global business environment.”

Genesis10 routinely blogs on trends in domestic outsourcing and the U.S. delivery center model as well as other topics on talent strategy and workforce optimization. To learn more about the U.S. delivery center model, please see our blog post, Delivery Center Consultants: Career More than Expected.

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