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How to Get a Software Developer Job with No Experience

As a recruiter, I work with recent college graduates, and often hear of the struggle of needing a job to get experience, but not being able to get experience without a job. At the same time, the technology field is growing, but employers who are willing to hire junior talent look for graduates with specific experience, like Java training. Genesis10 decided to do something to give college graduates an edge in the market, and our clients the talent they seek, by providing software developer training (a coding bootcamp) and career placement in one program – Dev10.

How to Get a Software Developer Job with No Experience

The Genesis10 Dev10 program is built for college graduates with a STEM degree interested in launching a Software Developer career. Most candidates I speak to for Dev10 do not have a degree in computer science or experience in the field. They haven’t taken a software engineer course, coding classes, or are familiar with programming languages such as Java. They have backgrounds in chemistry, biology, engineering, math, physics, accounting or finance.

They all have a story about how they first got interested in software development. Take Natalie, a current Dev10 Consultant, for example. She has a degree in Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry with a Health Informatics internship. “I worked in research but not the technical aspects like software development," she says. "I was always interested, but never had the opportunity.” Our goal with Dev10 is to give consultants that opportunity--to participate in a Java bootcamp, grow their skills and apply them in a corporate setting.

View videos of Natalie and other Dev10 Consultants telling their stories.

Many candidates for Dev10 tell me that they learned too late in their college degree program that they should have picked computer science as a major. At that point, it’s often too costly in both time and money to change programs. I understand the need to get into the workforce and start making money. Most recent graduates have student loans and bills to pay. We considered this when creating Dev10, and to remove any cost barriers, we cover the cost of training and pay the consultants during this time.

When I talk about Dev10, people often tell me that while they code as a hobby, they do not think of it as a career. One of our goals is to help them do just that by giving our Dev10 consultants the chance to apply what they learn in training in our software development bootcamp in a corporate setting. It is one thing to know how to code, but coders also have to know how to code for a company. The Dev10 program includes at least two years of onsite project work for our clients, allowing the consultants to really use their software developer skills.

Overall with Dev10, we are changing how recent STEM graduates think about launching a career as a software developer. We hire passion and potential, not experience.

Not sure if becoming a software developer is the right career move for you? Our application process is designed to help you figure out if this career path is a fit. We’ll give you an aptitude test and the chance to learn and practice some coding skills. We think it is valuable to take this time to figure out if you really want to launch a career as a software developer. If the answer is yes, then Dev10 could be the right choice to break into the field of software development--even with no experience.

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