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Genesis10 Launches Dev10 Program to Train Software Developers

Genesis10 has launched Dev10, a technology training program. Genesis10 is a professional technology services firm providing staffing, workforce optimization and domestic outsourcing solutions.


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Genesis10’s Dev10 program trains a select group of high-potential individuals, who have demonstrated technical aptitude and commitment, in skills most desired by U.S. businesses today such as back-end Java programming to become Software Developers, a role which the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects will grow 26% through 2026, faster than any other occupation. Preparing candidates for such in-demand roles is one way that Genesis10 is creating jobs to help close a growing technology talent gap. The first Dev10 class begins in April 2018 in the Twin Cities.

“The Minnesota IT market is experiencing growth and competition,” said Tara Wyborny, Director—Talent Programs for Genesis10, at the firm’s office in Minneapolis. “Although schools are graduating larger numbers of IT graduates, it is insufficient to keep pace with demand. Private Industry needs to develop IT talent outside of the college and university systems.”

Candidates interested in entering the Dev10 program must have a college degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field and possess an aptitude in technology. Candidates are vetted through a rigorous selection process focused on identifying talent with potential to become software developers. Once selected, candidates are immersed into a nine-week Java bootcamp developed by a leading technology training provider where in addition to Java, they also learn REST and Spring programming. Upon program completion, the candidates work for Genesis10 as Dev10 consultants at client companies throughout the Twin Cities. The first class will graduate in June 2018.

For more information on Genesis10’s Dev10 Training Program, contact Tara Wyborny at twyborny@genesis10.com.

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