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Genesis10 Addresses Women in Leadership, The Staffing Stream

Staffing should be as multi-cultured as the people we put to work, period, says Mark Parisi, Executive Vice President - Corporate Strategy & Strategic Programs at Genesis10 in an article posted in the industry publication, The Staffing Stream, an online Staffing Industry Analysts publication.

Women in Staffing Leadership Makes a Difference

In the article, “Diversity in Staffing: Leaders as Multicultural as the Workforce Makes a Difference,” Parisi shares his opinion on a recent “Women in Leadership in the US Staffing Industry” report which finds that women are underrepresented in staffing leadership. To address the gaps in the U.S. staffing industry, the report presents initiatives to help firms advance women as leaders and build more diverse, better-performing organizations.


“Having women in leadership really does lead to better business outcomes,” Parisi writes. “I know because Genesis10 has seen it in action.” As an example, he points to Dev10, Genesis10’s Talent Creation program — led by Dev10 President Angelia Brekke, along with Tara Wyborny, VP of Talent Development, and Jennifer Turnquist, VP of Client Development — which has launched the tech careers of more than 700 junior software developers since it formed in the Twin Cities in 2018.

Not only have the women’s leadership skills changed the lives of the Dev10 Associates, but the program also helps CIOs at more than 40 companies nationwide solve for the challenge of the nationwide tech talent shortage. It also helps increase diversity in recruiting.

As Parisi sees it, Brekke, Wyborny and Turnquist truly are making a difference. These women at Genesis10 are excellent examples of why staffing needs more women in leadership: because they deliver.

Recently, Genesis10 was named a Top U.S. IT Staffing Firm, by Staffing Industry Analysts, and a Best Company for Women by Business Insider.

Headquartered in New York, Genesis10 is a professional technology services firm providing staffing, workforce optimization, and domestic outsourcing solutions. The company was founded in 1999 by CEO Harley Lippman and is dedicated to providing talent and talent services in support of its clients' growth and business-as-usual initiatives in a cost-effective onsite or onshore model. Genesis10 has more than 150 clients ranging from Fortune 100 to mid-cap companies.