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Dev10 Training Creates Tech Talent in Charlotte, Spectrum News 1

The need for skilled tech talent in Charlotte continues—despite the pandemic, says Genesis10 CEO Harley Lippman, in a news story that profiles the Dev10 Software Developer Training Program on Spectrum News 1 North Carolina.

“COVID-19 actually has increased the demand for IT people,” Lippman said, pointing out that for every five job openings, there is only one qualified candidate.

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Dev10 is Genesis10’s Talent Creation Program aimed at building junior software developer talent in highly sought-after skills such as full-stack java that otherwise does not exist. Recruiting locally, training locally and deploying locally, Dev10 identifies local, high-aptitude college graduates and immerses them in a three-month technology training program.

Profiled in the news segment with Lippman and Angelia Brekke, Managing Director at Genesis10, is Ben Leboutillier. Leboutillier, who has a degree in physics, was working as an EMT when he decided to change careers and become a software developer. Dev10 helped him land a new role as a Data Quality Analyst with a key Genesis10 client in the healthcare industry in Charlotte.  

“You don’t need four years to learn most roles,” he said. “You can learn it within a few months of classroom and work on the job. That’s exactly what Dev10 was for me.”

Dev10 recently received a 2020 Tekne Award in the Tech Talent Solution Provider category from the Minnesota Technology Association.


Genesis10 is a professional technology services firm providing Staffing, Direct Hire, Digital Consulting, Talent Creation and Onshore Managed Services.