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Dev10 launches new tech track in Milwaukee

Genesis10’s Dev10 Talent Creation Program is excited to launch a new Data Professional technical track in the Greater Milwaukee region in 2021.


This new track trains Dev10 Associates in skills needed to help enterprises transform raw data into useful information and insights. Skills gained include Data Literacy, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Advanced Python and Data Engineering. 

Dev10 is Genesis10’s Talent Creation Program aimed at building tech talent in highly sought-after skills. Recruiting locally, training locally and deploying locally, Dev10 identifies local, high-aptitude college graduates and immerses them in a three-month technology training program.  

According to LinkedIn’s emerging jobs list, Data Engineering roles saw a marked increase in demand at the end of 2020, with Data Engineer making it to the number-eight spot on the list.  LinkedIn notes that industries from retail to automotive are “snapping up this hard-to-hire talent.”  

“We continue to see data analysis and engineering as key skills gaps in Milwaukee, but also nationally. Upskilling our regional talent with the requisite skills is critical,” said Kathy Henrich, Chief Executive Officer, MKE Tech Hub Coalition. “We are pleased to see the Dev10 Program working with MKE Tech Hub members and regional employers to develop the talent required to meet their employment needs.” 

“With the support of organizations in the Greater Milwaukee region that have already seen success leveraging the Dev10 Program for Java resources, the first Data Professional graduates will enter the market in Q2 of 2021,” said Jennifer Turnquist, Client Director, Dev10. 

AwardsThe Dev10 Program is an award-winning Talent Creation Program earning awards including: the Tekne award for Talent Creation by the Minnesota Technology Association and finishing as one of two finalists for the Blue Diamond Award for Tech Talent Innovation by the Charlotte Area Technology Collaborative. 

Hundreds of Associates have successfully completed Dev10 training and are working as Genesis10 consultants or as employees at leading companies in such industries as banking and financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. 

Becoming a Data Professional? Need Data Professionals?

Genesis10_tagline_two_color_BLACK_and_ORANGE_10Headquartered in New York, Genesis10 is a professional talent and technology solutions firm that provides Staffing, Direct Hire, Digital Consulting, Talent Creation and Outsourced Managed Services, onsite or onshore.  

Founded in 1999 by CEO Harley Lippman, Genesis10 is dedicated to providing talent and workforce services in support of its clients’ growth and business-as-usual initiatives in a cost-effective model. 

Genesis10 is a professional technology services firm providing Staffing, Direct Hire, Digital Consulting, Talent Creation and Onshore Managed Services.