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The Tech Job Search During COVID-19

While COVID-19 certainly has thrown the Class of 2020 the biggest curve ball of their lives, hiring for technology roles nationwide continues to be strong.

In a news story posted a few months into the lockdown, Genesis10 CEO Harley Lippman said that tech hiring “is promising to get through the pandemic crisis strong.” He suggested that “getting a new career in technology would be a good move because there is always going to be a future there.”

Nothing but ExtraOrdinary – Class of COVID-19 BlogStill, members of the Class of 2020 who began the school year in one of the strongest job markets in history were stunned as they watched the national unemployment rate skyrocket and some companies rescind job offers and internships. In a blog, Genesis10’s Ami Sarnowski provided valuable insight for recent grads navigating the job market. “One thing we all can say with certainty is that the Class of 2020 learned an incredibly important life skill which is how to adapt and be comfortable with change,” she wrote.

In that vein, the Genesis10 team crafted several blogs for those new to the tech job market as well as those more seasoned tech workers that provide guidance for working through stay-at-home directives. Topics covered include:


Continuing to Adapt our Approach

As recent grads and other job candidates made adjustments these past few months so too did recruiters and our training program for software developers, Dev10.

Since the start of the pandemic, our Dev10 Software Developer Training Program, for instance, has adapted and continues to train Dev10 Associates. Leveraging technology and adapting our recruiting and training processes has not compromised the standards of our program in which just 5% of those who apply make the cut. Learning and collaborating remotely also helps prepare our Dev10 Associates to work from home in a client’s environment, leaving them feeling better equipped to perform on the job starting on day one.

Dev10 FAQ - In this time of COVID-Blog

We continue to experience a solid market reception for this training program with every Dev10 Associate in our most recent cohort in Milwaukee hired by our clients, all leading companies in the local area, before they graduated. If you are interested in Dev10 and have questions about how it all works, especially during the pandemic, our list of Frequently Asked Questions should provide many of the answers you seek.

Going forward, we will continue to provide frequent updates on the pandemic’s effect on the national and regional job markets as well as tips and tactics for landing your dream job in tech and eventually transitioning back to the workplace even as you continue to safely hunker down in your home.