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Genesis10 on Women in Technology, The Staffing Stream

As professionals, we have to remember that just because we see our organization as diverse, that does not mean that it is inclusive and there is equity, writes Workforce Strategist at Genesis10, in an article posted on The Staffing Stream, an online Staffing Industry Analysts publication.


In the piece, they shares five actionable tactics from a panel discussion she moderated recently, Women in Technology – What Can We Do Now?, to ensure that our tech teams are inclusive and foster equity:

  • Be intentional.
  • Demonstrate the behaviors.
  • Use return to the office (after COVID) as a way to model new behaviors.
  • Dig into the data.
  • Don’t self-limit and let biases blur your thinking.

“A single initiative, Diversity and Inclusion Training or appointing a Chief Diversity Officer will not be the silver bullet to raise awareness, instill change and/or alleviate gender inequality,” Sarnowski writes. “In order to think differently, we need to start talking about societal biases in the workplace and at home. As a parent of two daughters I encourage them to advocate for themselves, their friends and to find their voice.”

Genesis10 was named a Top U.S. IT Staffing Company for 2020, by Staffing Industry Analysts, and  a Best Company for Women  by Business Insider.