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Genesis10’s Harley Lippman Discusses Workforce Strategy with Forbes HR Council

Changes in H-1B visa policy have become a source of workforce risk and uncertainty for organizations threatening the success of their revenue-generating digital transformation initiatives.

So writes Harley Lippman, Founder and CEO of Genesis10, and member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, in an article posted on Forbes.com, “We Must Source Highly Skilled Workers Through Training And Remote Delivery.” Lippman is a regular contributor to the site.


As Lippman sees it, “We created a situation where businesses stopped investing in training programs or looking in their own backyards for creative alternatives to address talent and skill constraints.” A 2017 Goldman Sachs estimate projects that foreign nationals with H-1B visas held nearly one million jobs in the U.S., including 12% of all tech industry jobs.

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To actually find the talent, Lippman suggests incorporating two core elements into an organization’s workforce strategy, regardless of skills mix, that will meet its unique needs: training and remote delivery.

“Companies that embrace training and remote teams as part of a holistic workforce and location strategy will ultimately have one less thing to worry about,” Lippman writes. “It’s anybody’s guess what will become of the existing H-1B reform legislation given the many pressing matters that Congress must deal with.”


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