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Genesis10 and HolistiCyber Form Partnership

Genesis10, one of the nation’s largest professional technology services and staffing firms, today announced plans to formally partner with HolistiCyber in order to complement the firm’s IT Services. HolistiCyber is an Israel-based, global provider of the most sophisticated, nation-state-level cybersecurity services and capabilities. With unemployment for cybersecurity professionals extremely low and cybersecurity at the top of CIO agendas, this exclusive partnership enables both companies to leverage one another’s market-leading expertise. In doing so, both Genesis10 and HolistiCyber will provide respective clients with new capabilities, including the complete range of security assessment services, technical tools, and talent acquisition services.

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There is growing recognition among corporate leaders that improved resiliency and managing digital risk can have an impact on business outcomes. In fact, Lloyd’s of London estimates that cyber-attacks currently cost businesses approximately $400 billion per year with 70 percent of successful attacks exploiting known vulnerabilities. HolistiCyber, which was founded and is managed by former commanders of the Israel Defense Forces’ most elite intelligence and anti-terrorism units, will provide Genesis10 clients with a suite of advisory services.

In providing nation-state-level security services for businesses, HolistiCyber has pioneered the use of offensive framework methodology (OFM), which emphasizes the attacker’s perspective in developing security systems for customers. The goal for every engagement is to implement remote-managed technologies and people processes that allow enterprises to preempt attacks at every layer of infrastructure, including hardware, firmware, software, industrial control systems, applications, and the human interface.

“We are living in a time when threats are incredibly dynamic,” said HolistiCyber co-founder and CEO Ron Shahor. “The dark web is constantly producing new cyberattack methods and forms that target every dimension of an enterprise’s security framework and business operations. The risk is great and, companies cannot afford to be anything less than 100 percent ahead of the most creative cyberattack possible. Security professionals must think like attackers who understand the business’ unique vulnerabilities at both the technical and human level and challenge existing systems from all pathways. This is the only way to implement practical changes to your processes and equip yourself with the right tools so you can handle threats before they escalate.”   

Working in collaboration with HolistiCyber’s assessment team, Genesis10 is now able to expand its own cybersecurity capabilities from patch management to providing end-to-end assessment services that enable businesses to stay ahead of constantly evolving cyber threats.

“This partnership is a response to the market’s demand for consultancies that can seamlessly address two of the most urgent enterprise pain points: the need for ongoing, 360-degree security analysis that identify vulnerabilities in real time and the need for talent capable of managing customized solutions that protect digital assets,” said Genesis10’s founder and CEO Harley Lippman. “A successful cyber-attack can devastate a business, impacting everything from financial reporting to vendor security, employee information, customer, privacy, customer information, supply chain and reputation.”      

At the heart of the Genesis10/HolistiCyber partnership is the shared view that people and processes are every bit as important as technology in developing, implementing, and maintaining nation-state caliber cyber-security. According to Gartner, the skills shortage for cybersecurity professionals will persist for at least another three years. Companies must consider outsourcing talent so they can continually shore up their systems through rigorous analysis and rapid, real-time implantation of new protocols.

“Most often, breaches are the result of either human action or error,” Lippman said. “The technology is fantastic and getting better, but it only works if the teams managing these platforms are appropriately staffed, organized and trained. A well-designed security program is one that reflects the enterprise’s unique culture, processes, resources and needs. This includes the need to align everything -- from OFM and threat-mapping to patching -- with the right workforce strategy.”

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