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It’s Not You… It’s The Market

If you are searching for a job right now, chances are you may be having a tough time. I’d like to take this opportunity to validate your experience and let you know that it’s not you… it’s the market.

The first few weeks of this year saw nearly 100 tech companies – Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, TikTok, Salesforce – let go of about 25,000 employees. That’s rough.

But there are signs that the market is starting to pick up. Job postings at companies in other sectors – professional, scientific and technical services; administrative and support services; and manufacturing among them – are rising, according to CompTIA. New job postings are in software development, IT project management, data analysis and science, IT support and systems analysis and engineering. That’s encouraging.

In my role, I speak often with candidates and do my best to provide value and guidance as they navigate the job search waters. From my discussions recently, I’ve pulled together tips to help bring new energy and the motivation to keep going with your search.

Tips to Navigate a Tough Job Market

  1. When you see a position posted, apply right away. Don’t read and think, I will come back later. Get your resume in/apply as soon as possible – you want your resume as close to the top of the pile as possible! You can decide later if you want it – getting the chance is key.

  2. If you see there are already 100 applies, do not let that discourage you, apply anyway. You may have the skillset the client needs. Go for it!

  3. If you don’t get a reply/interview, do your very best not to take it personally. There is just a large pool of applicants. Lots of positions are closing fast due to a large volume of applicants. 

  4. In a saturated market, clients can be very selective as they have a large pool of candidates. If they want required skills of A, B, and C, they can find all the skills they are looking for in such a vast pool. What does mean for you? If you feel you have all the skills, check your resume before you apply! Does your resume clearly communicate you have the needed skills? Ensure these skills are in the skills and the experience sections on your resume.

  5. Try not to overstress about the format of your resume. What is important is the content. If your skills align nicely with a job description, ensure that’s showcased on your resume so you do not get overlooked. 

  6. Do not solely look at the jobs section of LinkedIn. Which of your connections is looking for your skillset? Go to the search bar, type in your desired job title or skillset and click posts. Who is actively posting about and reaching out to their network to find you? 

  7. Reach out to former colleagues/managers. Do they know of any openings? Kindly ask them to think of you and forward any openings your way if they receive them. You would be surprised at how well this works. People love to help if you ask. 

  8. Are you currently employed and not in the job market? If you receive a job in your inbox that is not for you at this time, take a minute to think if you know anyone looking for work at this time that could really use your help. Forward the post. Let’s all come together and help get folks back to work and help connect others! 

  9. Yes, the market has more contract openings. You are correct in what you’re seeing. While contract work may not be what you’re looking for, know that this can be a nice way to get a foot in the door to a great company. Hiring managers may be getting approval for contractors now but not getting full time employee positions approved. Know that many Genesis10 clients will hire from their contractors if a perm role opens and you, the contractor, demonstrated good work while on contract. Be open-minded if you are currently unemployed. This could be the break you’re looking for, if you haven’t already considered the contract route

  10. Take breaks. Set times throughout the day to check email and apply for jobs (morning, lunch, end of day) and do something for your mental health in between. Exercise. Get out – for a walk or to grab coffee with a former colleague. Meditate. Do that organization or house project. 

  11. While you are waiting for your interview request, brush up on your interviewing skills. Refresh yourself with general interview questions, technical interview questions and behavioral based questions. 

  12. Stay positive. If you are struggling in your search, please know, “it’s not you…. It’s the market.” Let this be a reminder that you have great skills, great experience and someone will be lucky to find you. As one of my favorite colleagues always used to say, “There is a lid for every cup.” Remember there is a job out there for you.  Believe it’s coming!

Good luck and let this re-energize you this week!