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From Deployed to EmployedTM

Genesis10’s Veterans Program – From Deployed to Employed is a great example of how we help companies to expand access to high-potential talent through specialized and targeted recruiting, training and mentoring. Our Veterans Program is a deliberate contract-to-hire program that enables clients to:

  • Diversify access to talent
  • Support diversity hiring goals
  • Shore up talent and capability gaps by tapping into a talent segment that is often overlooked or misunderstood.

Military veterans already possess many of the characteristics that business enterprises want. For example:

  • Leadership
  • Work ethic
  • Loyalty
  • Collaboration

Military veterans are also often power users of advanced technology and trained rigorously in cyber/data security best practices. Due to language gaps or missing keywords, however, their capabilities don’t always jump off a resume or pass easily through automated screens to demonstrate relevant experience and fit. 

Our Veterans Program works with candidates to translate and to present their military education and experience as it relates to specific corporate positions. We also provide cultural and organizational training and to assist veteran candidates with their assimilation into civilian corporate environments. The program comprises four key components:

  • Selection
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Right-to-Hire

Key Differentiators

Talent Network

Genesis10 uses a broad talent network that includes traditional sources at local and national levels. Our proprietary database comprises more than nine million resumes. We constantly refresh and update our database using technology enablement, inbound marketing tools, social media, microsites and technology-specific networking forums.

Market Insight

Genesis10 has dedicated team members who are charged with maintaining a pulse on U.S. labor markets, using a proprietary structured methodology, technology-enablement and a variety of labor resources. In addition to market research, we engage routinely with thousands of IT employers and professionals and integrate into our analysis all insights gleaned on: where talent resides, compensation expectations by roles and what it takes to attract and retain talent.

Accelerated Learning

Since 2011, when we began grooming military veterans for business and technology roles, Genesis10 has gained a deep understanding of critical cultural gaps between military and corporate environments. By focusing on both sides of the cultural divide, our proprietary training and mentoring accelerates gap closure and time to high-performance and success.

Selection and Mentoring for Long-Term Success

The Military Veterans program recruits and selects candidates with an eye to long-term success, engagement and retention. The candidates we present are excited to join clients, not just for the short term, but as long-term career goals. After military veterans are working onsite, our mentors continue to support and guide them to ensure performance objectives are met and engagement remains high.

Roles Typically Filled:

Based on educational attainment and experience of military veterans and spouses, career path and employment opportunities are typically tiered into three categories:

Tier 1

(4-yr college + military)

  • Technical analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Project coordinator
Tier 2

(some college plus 10+ years military)

  • Junior project coordinator
  • Data specialist
  • Quality assurance specialist
Tier 3

(high school plus military)

  • Service desk
  • Help desk