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Genesis10 Featured by Pittsburgh Tech Council

Genesis10 Featured by Pittsburgh Tech Council

Trish Geibel, senior business development executive at Genesis10, was recently interviewed by Jonathan Kersting, vice president of communications and media at the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC). The interview is part of the PTC's 40 Stories series celebrating the organization's 40th anniversary.

In the conversation with Kersting, Geibel provides background about Genesis10, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. She also talks about what drew her to join Genesis10:

JK: Genesis10 is supportive of diverse talent and women in tech, especially moms.

GEIBEL: The reason that I came to Genesis10 is that everyone I met with was exceptional. They’re intelligent, compassionate, and empathetic. There are also a lot of women leaders in the organization who are moms – I am a new mom, too.

Read a synopsis of the interview on the PTC website, or watch a video of interview below.