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Starting a Career in Technology? Be Open to Different Opportunities!

When you start a career in technology, there are many different ways to grow your skills and move your career forward. While I want people to be happy in their jobs, I always coach my candidates to be open to opportunities they may not normally consider.

Starting a career in Technology, Be open to different opportunities

Let’s start with job title.

Frankly, companies make up titles, and one title at one organization may be a different job at another. Therefore, when you are considering whether a job is right for you, focus on the job description and tasks you would do in the role – not the title. For example, an IT Business Analyst at one organization could be a Business Analyst, Project Analyst, System Analyst, Technical Analyst, Requirement Specialist, or Terminology Expert at other companies – these titles can all be used to describe the same role. Similarly, sometimes software developers are given an analyst title, but they are expected to code and develop software. Read the job description carefully when applying to roles and ask questions in your interview to ensure you understand the job you are pursuing.

Next, think about the work itself.

There are technical roles that may not sound like exactly what you want to be doing on paper, but they will still give you the opportunity to grow your technical skills. Be open to these roles as they may just put you on the right career path and launch your career in the direction you want to go. There is a sense that you must walk before you run, and it can be hugely beneficial to have the opportunity to learn about different areas before you can get into the ideal role.

Then when you end up in a role, be open to doing any work that is needed.

If it is not in your job description, offer to help anyway! I tell people to say YES when you are asked if you want to help with a project or an assignment outside of your normal workload. If you have free time, offer to help with other projects or jump in to help someone else with their work. This may mean that some of the work will not be engaging, and that is okay. See this as an opportunity to grow your skills and make connections with your team and within your department.

Overall, this is your opportunity to grow. 

Do not discount a job based on its title and take the chance to grow your skills. You may never know. Maybe you will try something and really enjoy it if you go in with an open mind. Learn about the Genesis10 Dev10 Software Developer Training program


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