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Recruiters vs Bots: Bring it on!

July was a super strong month for hiring. Employers added 943,000 new jobs to the payroll, and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.4%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It was, by far, the best month for hiring since August 2020.

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To keep up with all the hiring activity, some employers use artificial intelligence (AI) to screen candidates. They find robots to be quick, less costly, and possibly more effective at reducing unconscious biases of human recruiters.

With all the talk out there of robots taking over the workplace, could they replace human recruiters?

not a chance!

AI in recruiting is meant to complement a recruiter’s work, not take it over. Here’s how:

  • AI helps to automate time-consuming, low-value tasks and then hands the candidate off to a recruiter for further screening.
  • Human recruiters are knowledgeable in the company’s culture and benefits, which enable them to sell the role to the candidate.
  • AI can be programmed to send out an email or text message to request feedback on the employer’s candidate experience. What AI can’t do is take action on that feedback unless it’s programmed to do so. So while AI can collect this data, it’s up to a human to interpret the data and make the process improvements.

There’s more.

While AI has a place in the sourcing process, robots cannot take the place of human recruiters, and, by extension, staffing firms,” says James Wilton, National Account Manager at Genesis10. “Our recruiting team is the best in the business and has a deep understanding of the national and local tech talent markets as well as our clients’ unique requirements and company culture.  They are able to precisely match candidate to opportunity. A robot can’t replicate that. The human touch is here to stay.

In a new blog series, we will examine all facets of the value of using human recruiters and staffing services companies. In the series, we plan to cover:

  • The qualities and traits that make a great recruiter great
  • How recruiters use AI
  • What candidates think about AI tools and the companies that use them for recruiting
  • What employers think about AI
  • Using AI to recruit for hiring into specialized training programs

Bots vs Recruiters: Bring it on!

This blog is the first in a series that examines all facets of the value of using human recruiters and staffing services companies.