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Job Search Tips for Summer 2019

You’re looking for a job and it’s almost summer. With a strong job market and everyone slowing down for the next couple of months, it’s tempting to put the search aside and enjoy the season. But summer offers job seekers an opportunity to stand out from the competition. 


While the process may be a tad longer, hiring managers may have more time to spend with you. Summer is also a good time to research companies, update your resume and network with former colleagues and other professionals. So, make good use of your time, and keep in mind the following tips:

1. Know the summer hiring timelines and plan accordingly.

  • Expect delays. The interview process slows in summer especially around the Fourth of July holiday. Hiring managers may be out of the office on vacation. Keep your search active but expect delays on new jobs, interview feedback and job-offer decisions.
  • Apply now if you see a new job that interests you! Despite low unemployment, managers still receive a lot of resumes for most jobs. By applying close to when the job opens, you ensure your resume is at the "top of the stack" and improve your chance of being selected to interview.
  • Align your job search efforts to the summer work week. Some managers take off Fridays or work from home in the summer. Pack your job search activity into a Monday through Thursday week when they are more likely to be in the office and engaged in reading resumes.

2. Take Advantage of Summer Flexibility

  • If your company allows for summer Fridays or remote work one day a week, use the extra time to schedule an informational interview at a company that interests you, or do research on potential employers while lounging on your deck. Or take a vacation day and do it.
  • A vacation doesn’t mean your job search needs to go on hold. Let the recruiter know if you can do a phone/Skype interview or will be checking email while on vacation to keep the job search process moving.

3. Make the Most of Technology! 

  • Most job boards and companies now have an easy 1-3 step application process you can complete right from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Store an electronic copy of your resume in Dropbox or the website of your online portfolio so you can apply virtually anywhere.
  • Set up automated job search alerts from your preferred consulting firms, companies or job board such as Indeed.com so you can stay up to date on who is hiring while you are away.
  • If you are working during the day, let your recruiter know if you can respond via text message to be available when interview requests or new jobs come through!

Following this advice should help you take advantage of summer’s pace and maintain momentum in your job search. Flexibility is your friend and technology helps you stay in the game. Good luck and happy job searching!

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