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IT Modernization Takes Hold as Digital Transformations Accelerate

With the backdrop of a healthy economy and some industry sectors booming, the analysts at Everest Group, during a recent webinar, dived into their annual forecast with much optimism. In the months ahead, they see businesses going forward with digital transformation plans, moving from pilots for automation, DevOps and Cloud to full-on implementations and strategies for IT modernization.

Modernization Takes Hold as Digital Transformations Accelerate

Other takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Political pressure is on companies to use funds from the tax cut for investment, and IT is raising its hand high…to become more efficient, nimble and better aligned with the business.
  • As industries move to digital adoption, companies will have to fundamentally change how they think about IT.
  • Transformation is difficult and will require a change in mindset.
  • Change management is going to be necessary and huge going forward.
  • Companies will continue to experiment with technology. Now, it will be with AI, cognitive and analytics.

That said, does your company have the skills and capabilities needed to deliver on the promises of emerging technologies? Are you seeking ways to access talent otherwise not available where you are located? Genesis10’s Workforce Optimization and Domestic Outsourcing solutions can help you to identify and address critical capabilities gaps to deliver on long-term business strategy and technology roadmaps.

Ami Sarnowski is a frequent contributor to the Genesis10 blog. Most recently, she wrote Take Mom's Advice and that Coding Class.

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