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If you are an experienced technology or business professional, recent or soon-to-be college graduate, or military veteran, our expert recruiters are ready to help you find your next contracting position or full-time job. At Genesis10, we will support you through the entire process. We will seek to understand both your personal and professional goals and to find best-fit opportunities that will keep you moving along your desired career path.


Why Become A Genesis10 Consultant?

Whether seeking full-time technology or business placement or looking to enjoy the freedom of the new gig economy, taking on short-term contracting/consulting projects through Genesis10 is a great way to rapidly build and expand your professional network, gain new knowledge and experience, and add marketable capabilities and skill sets to your resume.


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The fastest, most direct way to get on the radar or our expert technology and business recruiters is to complete the short form on this page and upload your resume today! We look forward to with you.

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