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A Love that Only Grows

Harley and Marie Lippman and their family are committed to caring for the children of Cambodia.

They Call Her "Mom"

In gratitude, the Lippman family helps children in Cambodia. Mom is Marie Lippman, wife of Harley, Genesis10 CEO. Marie and Harley, and their three children, have been caring for children in Cambodia for over 16 years, and consider them their second family.

Harley Lippman - helping children in Cambodia

The Lippman family is committed to getting a language center in Siem Reap established. They are fully funding their own center, the Children First Center, near Phnom Penh.

They help the children at their center with their education through college. To date, they have paid college tuition for 11 children, who contribute to their housing expenses by working part-time. The Lippman family will be involved in the lives of the children of Cambodia for many years to come. In exchange, all they ask of the children is "to think about how they can give back to the community, and to write to Marie, each one, about it."

Read the story of the Lippman Family in Cambodia.

  • 2004

    The Lippman Family
    begins to make a real
    difference in the lives of
    children in Cambodia
  • 10

    Times the
    Lippman Family has
    traveled to Cambodia
  • 2018

    was the opening of
    The Children First Center,
    built & supported by the
    Lippman Family
  • 300+

    children have been helped
    by the Lippman family


    Children the
    Lippman Family has
    put through college
  • 176,780 Miles

    Distance Traveled
    (NY to Phnom Penh is
    8,839 miles one way)

Video Collection

Creating Sparks of Hope Video


  • Creating Sparks of Hope

  • Making a Difference

  • Bringing Promise

  • Rainy Season

  • Ribbon Cutting

  • Love the Kindness

  • Lippman Family Built

  • Books for the Children

  • I am Number One

  • Cambodian Reunion

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  • Overwhelmed with Joy

  • Happy Homecoming

  • Children Greet Marie

  • Classroom of their Own

  • Classroom Tour

  • An English Lesson

  • Getting Acquainted

  • Meeting Otom

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Photo Album


  • A Visit with Marie

  • Number One in the Class

  • The Stage is Set

  • Awaiting Ribbon Cutting

  • Officially Open

  • After the Ceremony

  • Greeting Local Children

  • Career Girls Now

  • A Night on the Town

  • Girls’ Dormitory

  • Another View

  • Boys’ Dormitory

  • Marie and Number One

  • A Day at the Center

  • Taking a Walk with Girls

  • Sharing a Meal

  • Harley Teaches English

  • Extended Family

  • Harley and Children

  • Back to School

  • Time Out

  • Creating Beauty

  • Becoming a Teacher

  • Mother to Girls

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  • School Picture

  • In It Together

  • Welcome, Marie Lippman

  • English-Language Class

  • English Teachers

  • Dad and Daughter

  • Smiles for the Camera

  • Taking a Break

  • Loves Children

  • Getting to Know You

  • Staying in Touch

  • A Warm Embrace

  • Catching Up on News

  • In Gratitude

  • So Much Energy

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Lippman Family Center Graduates


  • Phirom Chhub, Accountant

  • Chhunny Chum, Architect

  • Sreytouch Doung, Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Sreytoch Houn, Nurse

  • Seley Loeurm, IT

  • Bunterm Phouerk, Electronic Engineering

  • Savin Sopal

  • Yubous Tang, IT

  • Chanthou Thy

  • Sambath Yan, Khmer Literacy

  • Sambo Yan, IT

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