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Dev10 Program FAQ

If you follow Genesis10 on social media, you know that our Dev10 Software Developer Training Program is expanding. We’ve added cohorts in Minneapolis, Charlotte, Dallas and are recruiting in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and Washington, DC. Excited about our growing program?  Read on to decide if joining our program is the right career choice for you.

Dev10 FAQ

When was the Dev10 Program created?

We launched our first Dev10 pilot cohort in Minneapolis, MN on April 9, 2018.

How has the Dev10 Program grown?

In total, we have started 12 cohorts held in various locations including Minneapolis, MN, Charlotte, NC, and Dallas, TX. We are also recruiting for cohorts in Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, and Washington DC.

Who is your target audience?

Dev10’s focus is to create a new pool of software developers by targeting individuals with a completed bachelor’s degree in a STEM field or non-STEM degree with technical experience. Specifically, someone who would not have the opportunity to pursue a software developer position without additional education or training.

Do you only target recent college graduates?

No – We see about 50/50 new grads vs people who have experience but are looking to transition their career into software development.

How long does it take to complete the application process?

We have a 5-step application process that you will need to complete and you as a candidate determine how quickly you move through that process. Steps are pass/fail and you move through them as you pass. We begin with a Phone Interview, move onto an Online Aptitude Test, then schedule a Behavioral Style Interview. Step 4 is a Web Development Course and you will have two weeks to complete this portion. We can select the right two weeks that make sense with your schedule as long as it is completed by the final step in our process which is a Group In Person Interview. This is the only set date of our process as we give out offers at least two weeks prior to the cohort start date. Depending on when you start the process, will determine the speed at which we need to move forward.

Can I complete training online?

Our training is successful because we require you to be in class every day. We have a very hands-on approach and being in a classroom 40 hours/ week holds you accountable, challenges you, as well as supports your growth.

Would I need to relocate for training or after training?

Once we identify which cohort you are interested in pursuing, that is where training and any client placements will be located. For example, in Minnesota our training is held in Minneapolis and any client placement would be within the Twin Cities Metro area. Please keep this in mind when you consider applying for the program.  Fit and location matter

Can I fail out of training?

Yes, it is possible. However, we thoroughly vet your skills and potential prior to extending an offer which we believe supports our graduation rate. In addition, we have many ways we can support you throughout training to ensure you are staying on track.

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Please note that this blog is an refreshed version of a similar blog that answered your questions about Dev10 in 2019. It contains the most up-to-date information as of the posting date.


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